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Preparing the Disaster-Recovery/ Business-Continuity Plan:

  • Remember that any disaster plan is an ever changing guideline document, not a written in stone commandment

  • If you do not have a second in command appoint one, and see that both you and your second in command has a copy of the plan at home. (In case one of you is unable the other can initiate the plan)

  • Be realistic with your plan. Don't try to plan for every size or type of disaster, rather consider the common risks/threats of each, and address those.

    1. loss of people

    2. loss of facilities

    3. loss of information

    4. loss of access to raw materials/inventory

    5. loss of critical records (paper/digital)

  • Make an outline of the common risk/threats, as a main heading with each impacted activity in your company as a sub-heading.

  • Have backups for your computer system and copies of mission critical forms located off site

  • Have a backup connection method (dial-up) if your computer system is located off site (in case you need to relocate).

  • Set priorities for restoring your business. Not everything needs to be done at the same time. Decide how much time can be allowed for each element in the "restart" sequence.

  • Protect critical records not archived as digital information. (Pending orders, contracts, research, loans etc.)

  • List and prioritize critical notifications such as suppliers, important customers, vendors, corporate officer's etc.

  • Make sure employees can exit the facility after hours without a key.

  • Have a list with names, procedures, and telephone numbers for Federal and State public assistance funds that may be made available for your business.






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