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EarthQuake Home Hazards Install Grip Strips on bookshelves to slow or prevent books and other items from falling. Secure to desk with Quakemats or straps to prevent damage and injury. Use specially formulated putty to help keep fragile valuables attached to shelving. Secure small appliances like espresso makers and microwaves to keep them from flying off counter tops! Secure to wall studs with detachable side straps for easy cleaning access. Preserve drinking water and reduce damage by strapping cooler and bottle to wall studs. Install locking latches to keep items from spilling on to the floor or counter below. Secure top heavy items like TV monitors and Big Screen TV's to the wall and to the TV stand. Use special wire-trap hangers to prevent pictures from jumping off wall hooks. Secure to wall studs with flexible steel brackets or adjustable furniture straps. Move beds and cribs away from glass windows, and away from tall furnishings or heavy pictures that may fall. Strap to wall to prevent extinguisher from jumping off mounting bracket, causing damage. Strap to wall studs with detachable straps to keep appliances from dancing and breaking water and gas connections. Fasten racks to wall studs or floor to prevent toppling and dumping of shelf contents. Add straps to storage rack shelves to keep items from crashing to the floor, especially emergency supplies! Put locking latches or straps on garage or laundry room cabinets to prevent paints and garden chemicals from spilling! Secure to wall studs to prevent breaking of connections which may cause fire and/or water damage.
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