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Pre-Winter Weather Seminar


Our annual Pre-Winter Weather Seminar has been scheduled for 11/12 at SCC in the Tracey Gaines Auditorium. We hope to have a great turnout as we discuss winter preparation for what might be an eventual season ahead.


Donation Reception Center - 10/13-10/19

Spartanburg County OEM awarded the following:

2015 John D. Solomon Community Preparedness Award

2015 IAEM National Public Awareness Award

 It was recently announced the Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management was awarded FEMA's 2015 John D. Solomon Whole Community Preparedness Award and the 2015 National Public Awareness Award for Large Counties, given by the International Association of Emergency Managers.  These awards highlight innovative local practices and achievements by recognizing organizations that have made outstanding contributions toward making their communities safer, stronger, better prepared, and more resilient.  This year, the PrepareAthon initiative conducted by the Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management on March 11, 2015 received both awards.


Emergency Notification

To help grow our database with the most reliable information, we are strongly encouraging everyone to register on our Code Red Community Notification Enrollment Page (CNE).  The secure, customized CNE page allows our residents and businesses to add or update their contact information to ensure they will be included when an emergency, general, or weather message is sent – unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, TD/TTY requirements can all be entered.  Below are some advantages of the Weather Notification service provided by Code Red:

  • Stay Safe: Code Red Weather Warning will alert registered citizens, in the direct path of severe weather

  • Alert Types: Notifications will be sent out moments after a severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, or flash flood warning has been issued by the National Weather Services.  Only citizens in the immediate impact area will be alerted

  • Caller ID:  Registered citizens will know the call is from Code Red Weather Warning when you see the telephone number 1-800-566-9780.  If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone simply dial the number back.

  • Privacy: Your contact information will remain private and will only be used for severe weather or emergency alerts.

  • Register to get the Call:  Users must opt-in to receive weather notifications. 

With everyone taking a moment to fill out the CNE, we can ensure the citizens of Spartanburg County receive timely notifications via multiple platforms (email, cell, landline, text).  If you wish to receive these notifications, please click on the logo above:


CEPD 2015


Did you participate in PrepareAthon?

If you participated in PreparAthon, we have created two surveys, one for homes and one for businesses, for you to participate in.  The survey should take less than a minute to complete and your data will be crucial in us identifying how well the PrepareAthon Campaign was received.







Tornado Tips for PrepareAthon?


The first step in being prepared is to know about the hazards that can affect you where you live and work. Tornadoes can occur anywhere in the United States. To learn more about tornadoes and what you should do to protect yourself and your property download the How to Prepare for a Tornado guide.

  How to Prepare for a Tornado

  Learn About Tornadoes

  Video: It Started Like Any Other Day














Sign Up/Learn More about CERT - Click below






PrepareAthon - Statewide Tornado Drill - 3/11/15 - 9am

Spartanburg County is participating in FEMA's PrepareAthon initiative by informing and encouraging all Spartanburg County Residents to participate in the Statewide Tornado Drill on 3/11 at 9am. More ENS notifications, social media blitzes, and media reports should follow the closer we get to the date. As a community, we are very honored to have been selected to be a PrepareAthon participant.


Doug Bryson - IAEM Region 4 President

The Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management is proud to announce that its Coordinator, Doug Bryson, was recently appointed President of IAEM Region 4 at its yearly Conference in San Antonio Texas this past week. 


The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), which has more than 9,000 members worldwide, is the preeminent international non-profit organization of emergency management professionals.  Region 4 of IAEM, which is comprised of 8 states (KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS and FL), is the largest of the 10 regions in the US, with approximately 1600 members.  For the next two years Mr. Bryson will serve as president of Region IV, an honor only bestowed upon a few select emergency managers. 


Mr. Bryson, when asked about his new position, stated: “There is no greater honor than to be recognized by your peers.  The next two years will be an exciting endeavor, one that I’m proud to undertake.”  We at Emergency Management are excited for Mr. Bryson and expect only great things from him as president of IAEM Region 4.



To ensure people are getting accurate information regarding Ebola, we have pasted some logos below that will link people to credible sites containing useful information about this virus.  Please know Spartanburg County and SC are taking a very proactive approach towards the Ebola virus in an effort to lessen the potential impact, if any, this virus could have.  We hope you find the links below useful.




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