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Special Needs Registry

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Emergency Management Library
Disaster Planning and Mitigation


Against the Wind (home protection brochure)

Avoiding Earthquake Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Avoiding Flood Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Avoiding Hurricane Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Avoiding Wildfire Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Avoiding Wind Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Business & Industry Emergency Planning
Checklist for People with Mobility Problems

Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Family Disaster Planning
Family Disaster Supply Kit

Financial Preparedness (brochure)

Firesafe Landscaping Can Save Your Home

Food and Water in an Emergency (tri-fold brochure)

Good Ideas Book (program ideas and case studies)

Protecting Businesses

South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan

Storm Mitigation

Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House (build a tornado shelter)



Educational PowerPoint's


A Brief Overview of Emergency Management

An Introduction to the Spartanburg County EOP

CERT Presentation

Emergency Notification and Evacuation

Implementing Successful Preparedness Exercises

What Elected Officials Should Know



Emergency Operations Plan


Emergency Operations Plan



GSP Tabletop Presentation





Church Fire Protection

Fire (fact sheet and backgrounder)

Fire Safety Beyond City Limits 
Fireplace and Home Fire Safety

On the Safety Circuit

Rural Fire Prevention Checklist

This Is Fire (fact sheet on the nature of fire)

Wildfire: Are You Prepared? (tri-fold brochure)
Wildland Fires (fact sheet and backgrounder)
Winter Fire Safety





After a Flood: The First Steps

Answers  About the National Flood Insurance Program

Floods & Flash Floods Fact Sheet

Repairing Your Flooded Home (56 page booklet)
Surveying Floods



Geological Disasters


Earthquake (fact sheet and backgrounder)

Landslide/Mudflow Fact Sheet

Volcanoes (fact sheet and backgrounder)



Homeland Security


Bomb Threat Checklist

Dirty Bombs Fact Sheet

Terrorism Backgrounder
Terrorism: Preparing for the Unexpected
White House Homeland Security Booklet




About Tornadoes

Extreme Heat Fact Sheet

Hurricanes (fact sheet and backgrounder)

Lightning Safety

Severe Thunderstorm Safety

Thunderstorm and Lightning Booklet
Thunderstorm and Lightning Fact Sheet

Tornado (fact sheet)
Tornado Basics

Tornado Fact Sheet
Tornado Safety Tips Brochure (page 1 of 4)

Tornado Safety Tips Brochure (page 2 of 4)

Tornado Safety Tips Brochure (page 3 of 4)

Tornado Safety Tips Brochure (page 4 of 4)

Tsunamis (fact sheet and backgrounder)

Winter Driving Fact Sheet
Winter Storm Fact Sheet


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