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Spartanburg County and the ARC are committed to operating shelters before and after a disaster until evacuees have access to their residents or other shelter becomes available. 


The decision to open a shelter(s) is based on the need for temporary or permanent relocation of residents from the county or other communities in South Carolina due to an approaching or threatening disaster or in the aftermath of one.  The decision to open a shelter can be made by the American Red Cross, at the request of County EPD officials, at the request of  the Incident Commander, after consultation with DSS, the ESF 6 Mass Care Coordinating Agency or after an emergency declaration by the Governor. 


Upon receiving a request that a shelter be opened, the DSS County Mass Care Coordinator will contact the American Red Cross to advise the need for a shelter. The American Red Cross (ARC) selects, opens and maintains mass care shelters in coordination with DSS and Spartanburg County Emergency Preparedness Division.  


The American Red Cross will contact the appropriate shelter facility administrators, owners, or school superintendents to request the use of the facility.  The American Red Cross will also be responsible for arranging the procurement of food supplies and/or the preparation of meals.   


Shelter staff will consist of ARC volunteers and employees, DSS employees trained in ARC shelter operations, DHEC employees trained in ARC Disaster Health Services and/or other shelter facility-affiliated members trained in ARC shelter operations. The ARC Disaster Director will appoint an American Red Cross-affiliated shelter manager.  


SMN shelters are opened at the discretion of the County EPD Director or after an emergency declaration by the Governor when special needs populations may be evacuating or may be directed to evacuate.





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