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Emergency Management is continuously monitoring this public health emergency and will recommend neccessary emergency protective measures when the situation warrants.  While this is now a pandemic, the virus itself has a very minimal impact on the vast majority who contract it.  However, at risk populations (older, immunocompromised, diabetics, etc) are at greater risk of severe adverse effects or worse.  Therefore, to stay educated and informed about COVID-19, we recommend people monitor the following websites:



As this public health emergency progresses, it will eventually peak and cases will go on the decline.  Until then, we stress as much social distancing as possible, continuous hand washing and hydration.  In an effort to preserve the finite capacity of emergency rooms and hospitals, we need to do all we can to not overwhelm our health care providers (see graph below):








The above graph was pulled from a blog on Michigan Health.  This graph does a great job illustrating the importance of stopping the spread of COVID-19. 


To help stop the spread, stop touching your faces and use proper hygiene.  Also, to help keep the curve below our public health threshold, stay home if you do get sick and only go to the doctor if you have severe symptoms.  If anyone would like to speak with a medical professional from home, we encourage them to utilize the following virtual care options:



For the vast majority who might contract this, they can ride this out at home like most can with the flu.  However, until we can ride this entire event out expect additional updates as this public health emergency progresses.  



To help grow our database with the most reliable information, we are strongly encouraging everyone to register on our Code Red Community Notification Enrollment Page (CNE).  The secure, customized CNE page allows our residents and businesses to add or update their contact information to ensure they will be included when an emergency, general, or weather message is sent – unlisted numbers, mobile numbers, TD/TTY requirements can all be entered.  Below are some advantages of the Weather Notification service provided by Code Red:

  • Stay Safe: Code Red Weather Warning will alert registered citizens, in the direct path of severe weather

  • Alert Types: Notifications will be sent out moments after a severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, or flash flood warning has been issued by the National Weather Services.  Only citizens in the immediate impact area will be alerted

  • Caller ID:  Registered citizens will know the call is from Code Red Weather Warning when you see the telephone number 1-800-566-9780.  If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone simply dial the number back.

  • Privacy: Your contact information will remain private and will only be used for severe weather or emergency alerts.

  • Register to get the Call:  Users must opt-in to receive weather notifications. 

With everyone taking a moment to fill out the CNE, we can ensure the citizens of Spartanburg County receive timely notifications via multiple platforms (email, cell, landline, text).  If you wish to receive these notifications, please click here

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